Force 52, ABC engine


0.52cu. in. two-stroke R/C glow engine, ABC, twin ball race, twin needle carb.

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A beautiful new engine from Force, made in Taiwan with an excelent level of finish at an afordable price.  It comes with a twin needle carb and baffled muffler, true ABC piston and liner with Schnuerle porting. Twin ball raced. The fixing holes on the muffler are 37mm centres the same as the OS/OS copy engines, giving lots of aftermarket options.

Displacement (cc): 8.52
Bore (mm): 23.5
Stroke (mm): 19.6
Weight (g): 520
Fuel: Glow/methanol Nitro content: 5 – 15% Oil: 18% +
Recomended plug, JEN 4
Weight 457g
Recommended props: 10 x 8 to 12 x 6
ABC Piston and Liner,
Twin Needle Carb,
35mm between bearers
OA length 112mm


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