OS GT15 Petrol 2 stroke


The 15cc (0.91 Cu inch) this is the version with the CDI ignition and mini spark plug. In our opinion it is more reliable than the GGT 15, it gives a better, slower tick over and more solid performance.  OS have also sorted the problem of the lack of “walbro type” carbs for this sized engine with their own regulating pump and carb combination. It is the idea replacement for your 60 – 91 glow engine with the same sized case and mountings.

It also features

  • quiet powerbox silencer
  • needle rollers in the con-rod


Displacement:14.95cc (0.912cu in)
Rpm Range: 2000-11000
Output: 2.35ps/2.32hp @ 15,000 rpm
Total Weight: 610g (21.5oz) Muffler:178g (6.28oz)
Recommended props: 13×8, 13×9, 13×10, 13×11, 14×8, 14×9, 14×10, 15×6, 15×7, 15×8

Find the dimensions and parts view here: GGT15 Dimensions


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