OS GGT 10 Petrol 2 stroke


With this engine OS really have answered the question “what about a petrol to replace my 0.50 sized glow engine?” It is a perfect replacement for the smaller glow engine the same mounting size as the 40 – 50 OS and OS copy engines.

OS have used their vast experience to make a regulated petrol carb and pump small enough to suit it. They have also done away with the need for a heavy ignition and battery pack with their exclusive G5 petrol “glow” plug.

The GGT 10 has all the regular benefits and economy of Petrol along with

  • Simple “glow” plug ignition saves cost and extra weight of ignition modules and batteries.
  • Included PD-08 regulating pump ensures consistent fuel flow and top performance regardless of tank position, attitude or altitude.
  • Tough Tygon® fuel line between pump and carb features an inline filter that removes impurities.
  • PowerBoost Pipe improves performance at idle, full-throttle and all points in-between.
  • Forged steel con-rod features needle bearings at the bottom.
  • Same mount size as the 46AX and 55AX for easy retrofits

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Displacement:9.73cc (0.594cu in)
Rpm Range: 2000-11000
Output: 1.58hp @ 10,000 rpm
Total Weight: 561g (19.8oz)
Weight: Engine: 453g (15.97oz) Muffler:108g (3.81oz)
Recommended props: 12×7, 12×8, 12×9, 13×6, 13×7, 13×8

Find the dimensions and parts view here: GGT10 Dimensions


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