NGH GF150R 150cc radial engine


The all new NGH GF150 Radial engine.  150cc four stroke petrol engine.   Estimated delivery 3 weeks


NGH is famous for producing high-quality gasoline engines, and is also the first factory in China to independently develop and produce small multi-cylinder four-stroke gasoline engines. GF150R5 is a professional four-stroke gasoline engine built by NGH engineers for RC aircraft and fixed-wing UAVs, with high performance and low fuel consumption, high torque and low noise, compact structure and beautiful appearance.

GF150R5 uses 5 CM6 spark plugs, standard equipped with a specialy made exhaust ring. 

The rear mounted WALBRO carburetor makes engine adjustment simple and convenient; The connecting rod is equipped with needle bearings. A lubrication circulation system to ensures sufficient engine lubrication, this combined with double piston rings (one lubricating oil ring and one sealing ring) can better seal and lubricate. 

GF150R5 product features

*Ultra-high stability, large torque output, ultra-low vibration
*Low fuel consumption, low noise, high wear resistance, power weight ratio greater than 2
*NGH Collector ring exhaust, smooth exhaust and low noise
*Matched Walbro carburetor
*CNC refined double-needle bearing main connecting rod and solid and durable integral bronze auxiliary connecting rod
*RCEXL automatic ignition system specially manufactured for NGH
*RCEXL spark plug CM6
*High quality bearings

Down load drill guide here

See it running here… 


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