GT22 with wrap around exhaust

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The GT-22 is conveniently sized engine will do the job of a .91 2 stroke or 1.20 4 stroke glow engine. It has a rear mounted Walbro carb. It has a steel liner for durability, a lightweight, ringed piston and a one piece crankcase. OS are the masters of optimizing internal designs in a way that allows superb performance combined with easy starting, long life.

Inside, OS have craftily used a special design of aluminium conrod with pre-installed roller bearings. Using aluminium instead of steel like many of the strimmer based engines means reduced reciprocating mass. This in turn means reduced crankshaft counter-balance. Not only does it reduce weight overall, it also allows quicker throttle response, higher RPM and reduced vibration. As additional retention security, there is a screw retainer in
the end of theYears of experience in actual engine design means that OS find innovative solutions to many problems.

Ignition is provided by a sophisticated unit that is also common to the GT-33. (made by RCExl) The main HT lead is shielded to prevent spurious emissions and the spark is delivered by a high quality CM-6 spark plug.



Displacement:22.12cc (
Bore:32.0mm (1,26″)
Stroke:27.5mm (1.083″)
Practical RPM: 1800 – 9000 RPM
Output: 2.7PS (2.66hp) @ 9000rpm
Weight: 999.2g (35.24oz) Complete 761g (26.86oz) W/O Silencer/Ign
Propeller Range: 15 x 10, 16 x 8/10, 17 x 6/8

Find the dimensions and parts view here: GGT22 Dimensions

1 review for GT22 with wrap around exhaust

  1. Gordon Holt

    I purchased a GT22 from Just Engines in 2015 to power a Seagull Bucker Jungmeister. 4 years and over 100 flights both are still going great. Faultless engine, always starts easily, runs perfectly and quietly with the stock silencer. Have never experienced a dead stick, even with high energy aerobatics and the Just Engines perry pump smoke system works great tapped into this engine and exhaust.

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