NGH GT70 Twin Two Stroke Petrol Engine


The NGH GT70 Horizontally opposed twin is based on two of the popular GT35s. A radial mount, velocity stack and twin RCXEL ignition are included. It has forged con-rods with needle bearings and a three ball races on the shaft.  The compact twin mufflers are baffled to help keep the noise levels down.

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Displacement: 34.95cc x 2
Bore: 37.3mm
Stroke: 32mm
RPM Range: 1200-7000rpm
Output: 7.9HP/7500rpm
Engine Weight: 2070g
CDI Weight: 180g
Ignition Battery: DC 4.8V – 8.4V 1000mAh
Suggested Props: 22×8-10, 23×8-10, 24×8-10
Fuel oil mixed at 35:1

Find the dimensions and parts view here: GT70 dimensions


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