NGH GT17Pro Two Stroke Petrol Engine New and improved!


The 17 was the first in the NGH range and has proved itself as a real work horse over the years. It has the same footprint as the 61 – 91 glow size 2 stroke and has power comparable to a 91. This makes it the obvious choice for a kit that requires a 61 – 91.

It features a specially developed pumped and regulated carb on the front, a solid bronze con-rod, a miniature 1/4 spark plug with a RCEXL ignition. Only from Just Engines the directable exhaust comes with pepper pot fitted as standard.

There is also the option of the wrap-around exhaust which also gives improved noise reduction.

Glass Filled Nylon 4s .60 to .90 Mount

Designed for four strokes but suitable for other applications this glass filled nylon beam mount is suitable for .60 - .90 size engines. Dimensions - bearers 90mm and 40mm between.

NGH GT17 wrap around muffler

Wrap around muffler for the NGH GT17



Petrol 2 stroke aero engine.
Bore x Stroke(mm): 29 x 25.6
Carburetor: Pumped and regulated by NGH
Maximum Output: 1.98HP@9000RPM
RPM Range: 1700-9000RPM
Ignition: Auto advanced RCEXL DC-CDI
Spark plug type: 1/4 x 32 Rcexl
Ignition Power DC 6 – 14.4 Volts
General use fuel: 20:1
Recommended Propellers: 15×10 – 17×8, (two blades)
Weight: 630g (without Ignition) 850g complete

Find the dimensions and parts view here: GT17 Dimensions


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