Twin Ignition for NGK CM-6 10mm (14mm Hex)

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This is for a 10mm thread plug with a 14mm hex (spanner size). Battery, spark plugs and magnet not included. Now with 6 – 12 volt input,  Select your prefered hall effect sensor option or buy without if you prefer.

Hall Effect Sensor

Hall Effect Sensor, select your prefered mount. The standard is ideal when replacing an existing sensor. The multi gives you more options when fitting.

NGK CM-6 Spark Plug

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1 review for Twin Ignition for NGK CM-6 10mm (14mm Hex)

  1. Ron Webb (verified owner)

    I received my order for this twin ignition for a RCGF 40 Twin with some reservation as the factory unit that came with the engine failed to give me a smooth running engine despite it being replaced twice by RCGF.
    The RCEXL however has transformed this engine magnificently. It runs smoothly across all throttle ranges with a very stable idle. This is brilliant for me as I was going to bin the engine and the RCEXL was a last resort.
    Also living in Thailand I order a lot of kit from other countries. Just Engines was superb with clear and concise advice to questions that I had, making the purchase and delivery completely stress free. Its not always like that I have to say!! Many thanks to Just Engines

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