Twin Ignition for NGK BPMR6A 14mm (19mm Hex)

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This is for 14mm thread plugs with a 19mm hex (spanner size). Battery, spark plugs and magnet not included. Now with 6 – 12 volt input,  Select your prefered hall effect sensor option or buy without if you prefer. NOTE, if you choose the Zenoah flywheel the Hall Effect Sensor is included.

Hall Effect Sensor

Hall Effect Sensor, select your prefered mount. The standard is ideal when replacing an existing sensor. The multi gives you more options when fitting.

Zenoah Elec' Ign flywheel - G45, G62, GT80

Zenoah Elec' Ignition Conversion - G45 G62 GT80.

Converting your Zenoah to electronic ignition just got a lot easier.

Just remove the flywheel and ignition system and replace the flywheel with one of these purpose built wheels. They are pre-timed with the magnet installed. The hall effect sensor bracket is also designed to bolt straight on. All you need to complete the job is the ignition unit just select one to suit your spark plug.

NGK BPMR6A Spark plug × 2

NGK BPM R6A Spark Plug, 14mm with 19mm AF as used on a lot of Zenoah engines and many more.


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