Saito FA-325R5-D Radial


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Pride of the Saito four stroke fleet, the radial FA-325R5 is perfect for large WWI models such as the Sopwith Pup or ‘Golden Era’ aircraft like the Stearman or a WWII Corsair or Zero. For unbeatable realism, this mighty five cylinder masterpiece is hard to beat.

FA-325R5D Instruction Manual – [ Download ]

Displacement: 53cc
Bore: 24.8mm
Stroke: 22mm
Practical RPM: 1,700 ~ 7,500
Weight: 2,400g
Recommended Prop: 20 x 8 ~ 20 x 10in
Cylinder: 10.6cc x 5 AAC
Power: 3.8HP


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