Saito FA-200R3 Radial



The FA-200R3 is an upgrade from the FA-170R3, featuring 20% larger displacement and 20% more power all at a lighter weight – resulting in a high power-to-weight ratio. Additionally, the FA-200R3 comes with a 3-piece flex exhaust system, making this an all-inclusive purchase for the customer.

Product features include:
20% more displacement than the FA-170 R3, resulting in 20% more power.
Same mounting dimensions as the FA-170 R3, so there is no need to customize the plane.
Complete with a 3-piece flex exhaust system for an all-inclusive purchase.
Product Description
Saito’s latest radial engine is designed for use with 120 size scale and sports aircraft.

FA-200R3 Instruction Manual – FA-200R3-manual

Bore: ø27.0mm x 3
Stroke: 19.2mm x 3
Stroke Volume: 32.98cc
Weight: Approx 1,440g (w/Muffler)
Practical Speed: Approx 1,800 ~ 9,500rpm
(Recommended highest speed on ground: 8,000 ~ 9,000rpm
Recommended Propo: 16 x 8in ~ 16 x 10in or 17 x 6in ~ 17 x 8in
Fuel Flow: Synthetic oil (Above 20%) with 15~20% nitromethane content
Fuel: Approx 46cc/minute (at full throttle, approx 9,000rpm) Fuel flow varies depends upon propeller load. More fuel flow with larger load and less fuel flow with
smaller load. (In actual flight, fuel flow somewhat increases.)
Static Thrust: APC 16 x 8in – 6.3Kg (9,000rpm)


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