FS 52 SURPASS Spares


We are committed to providing a quality after sales service for OS engines and as such we receive weekly deliveries of OS spares. We hold some stocks of common parts but most of the parts will be ordered in on our weekly ordering cycle.

If you would like more information on individual OS spare parts please visit http://www.ripmax.com/

You will be emailed the working day your order is received to be informed if the order has been despatched or if the item/s have been ordered for you. The majority of parts ordered in are received on the following delivery and you will be notified when your part/s are sent out.

Occasionally when Ripmax do not have the part in stock, it can be delayed by a week or two and very rarely a month or two. Any order will be held and maintained unless and until you request us to cancel it. We regularly request back order schedules to ensure that all items are still on order.

Due to the high level of parts orders we process, we cannot keep you updated on a week by week basis, in the unlikely event that your item is not delivered within 10 days then please feel free to ring if you wish to confirm that it has been placed on back order.



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