Dubro Fuel Tanks


Dubro Fuel Tanks. These tanks will not split or crack under vibration or pressure & come with one-piece barbed clunk and fittings. Suitable for Glow fuel and Petrol engines (with additional petrol conversion bung).



2oz Height=1-5/16inch, Width=1-13/16inch, Length=2-3/4inch.
4oz Height=1-1/2inch, Width=2-1/16inch, Length=3-3/4inch.
6oz Height=1-7/8inch, Width=2-3/16inch, Length=3-7/8inch.
8oz Height=1-15/16inch, Width=2-5/16inch, Length=4-7/8inch.
10oz Height=2-1/4inch, Width=2-9/16inch, Length=4-7/8inch.
12oz Height=2-1/4inch, Width=2-9/16inch, Length=5-3/8inch.
14oz Height=2-3/8inch, Width=2-11/16inch, Length=5-3/8inch.
16oz Height=2-3/8inch, Width=2-11/16inch, Length=5-7/8inch.
20oz Height=2-1/2inch, Width=3-1/16inch, Length=7inch.
24oz Height=2-1/2inch, Width=3-1/16inch, Length=7-1/2inch.
32oz Height=3inch, Width=3-11/16inch, Length=7-3/4inch.
40oz Height=3-1/4inch, Width=4inch, Length=8inch.
50oz Height=3-1/2inch, Width=4-3/8inch, Length=8-3/8inch.


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