Exhaust Silicon Tubes

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General purpose silicone tube for connecting exhaust components such as headers and pipes. We have this high quality silicone made especially for us in the UK, it is high temperature tubing, rated up to 300 degrees C. Each size is identified by its own attractive colour, has a 3mm wall and is supplied in 300mm lengths.

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2 reviews for Exhaust Silicon Tubes

  1. R.harriman

    Very good service

  2. Jose

    I have used the grey tube to extend a turbo header exhaust (OS 120 SIII) and after some one hour or so the silicone became carbonized and cracked. It needs constant replacing.

    • AW

      Hi Jose, the silicone tube can deteriorate at very high temperatures. With something like the turbo header, this is fairly short so the gasses exiting will be pretty hot. I am sorry this has not worked the way you had hoped.

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