On Board Glow Systems

We have finally found an ideal replacement to our incredibly popular on board glow unit.

This new unit has been developed over the last 2 years in F3D pylon racing where it has worked faultlessly in a high vibration environment delivering high amps to the plug.

The unit has been highly successful in helping to win the last 2 British Championships in the hands of the designer!

We can now offer through Just Engines a slightly simpler version for every engine set up from single plug to multiple plug use, still using the same quality parts that are in our competition prototypes.

The unit has been designed to re energise the glow plug of your engine to help improve the tick over and pick up, particularly in inverted installations. It also removes the need for external glow batteries and leads making starting your engine safer.

Main Features are:
  o Automatic stick direction detection;
  o Fully proportional glow (Fully on when stick is in the low postion);
  o Stored stick low point;
  o Glow turns off with trim fully down with the stick low;
  o One or two glow plug use;
  o Tested on Futaba, JR, Spektrum and Multiplex.

In addition the chip used in the Mark 2 version has done away with the need to use a Y lead in the wiring.

Components are sourced and made within the UK.

Glow Plug Clip

Following extensive customer feedback over the years on the problems with the recessed glow plugs in some engines – particularly larger four strokes, we have released the Mark 2 version of our unit with a crocodile fitting.

This has been tested in flight by the designer, fitted to a YS 4 stroke, a large OS 4 stroke and also on a couple of high revving 2 stroke engines.


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Showing all 8 results