Just Engines Duo

We often get asked for a silencer that is small yet quiet. Well here it is: The JEN Duo a dual chamber baffled silencer that measures 100 x 80 x 30mm plus 50mm outlet and it stands a total of 45mm from the gasket face. It is made in the UK by us from aluminium and weighs around 200g. We achieved 84db from an NGH 25 at 7000 rpm.

Available with:

  • 32mm hole spacings to fit the NGH GT17, RCGF 26 and DLE 20;
  • 34mm hole spacings to fit the DLE 30, Zenoah G20, 23, 26 and CRRC GF26;
  • 38mm hole spacings to fit the NGH GT25.

You can watch a video of the JEN Duo dual chamber baffled silencer in action here:

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Showing all 2 results