Spinners & Domed Nuts

A wide range of 2 and 3 blade spinners, domed nuts and all sorts of clever adaptors to retain your spinner.

Very good quality and good value……..

  • Precision machined aluminium
  • Light weight
  • Polished (Looks superb!)
  • Held by standard M4, M5 bolt
  • Provided with an adapter to suit your engine (excludes larger 2 stroke, larger 4 stroke and Petrol engines)

For Petrol Engines please see “Custom Steel ‘bolt style’ Adapter” avaliable below.

For engines over 3HP (ie most engines over 20cc, eg Moki 135/180, Super Tigre, etc) we recommend the use of a stronger “Custom Steel Adapter / Shaft Extender” avaliable below.

We also manufacture a “Steel Locking Adapter for large 4 strokes” – to take the place of the lock nut.

To convert inch diameter size into metric mm, multiple inches by 25.4.

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Showing all 15 results