Here are some questions we get asked a lot. Please look here before emailing us.

Ordering from within the UK

How long will my items take to arrive?
If you have selected First Class or First Class recorded this normally is next day but it is not guaranteed. Special Delivery is a next day tracked service.

What happens if my item goes missing?
We will try to resolve this as quickly as possible. It is always worth trying the Post office first as they may have attempted a delivery and the card has gone missing. If it was a First or First Recorded service then we will need to leave it for two weeks or so before taking action.

Can I have my item delivered on Saturday?
The Royal Mail delivers on Saturday. If something is essential then please call and we can arrange a Saturday guarantee. There will be an extra charge for this service.

I was entering my card details and was asked for a password what was this?
This is called 3D secure, this is controlled by your Bank. You will have set up an extra password at some point. Any problems please contact you bank or card company.

Can I Pay by Cheque?
Yes you may, please call and check the total including shipping. We reserve the right to add an extra charge for payment by cheques.

Can I Pay by Pay Pal?
Yes just select Paypal from the drop down menu after you have entered your address details.

Can I call and collect my order?
Yes. Please call in advance to let us know you are coming.

Ordering from outside of the UK

Do you ship to my country?
We do ship Worldwide. If you just add the desired items to cart and then input your address the checkout will calculate your shipping. If you are outside of the European Union the 20% Vat will be deducted.

How long will my order take to arrive?
Items normally arrive within seven working days. This may vary due to customs and local delivery issues.

How can I know how much I will pay in my currency?
Our prices are in GB pounds and you card will be charged in pounds the final exchange will be down to your bank or card company. If in doubt contact your bank.

Do I have to pay VAT?
If your order is to be shipped to an EU country yes. If your address is outside of the EU then the VAT will be deducted. Once you have chosen your shipping country as one outside the EU the whole site will show  prices without the  20% UK tax.

Will I have to pay customs charges?
If you are outside of the EU you might have to pay some import duty. Please check with your local customs.

Will I have any come back if things go wrong?
We have a global reputation for service and will try and honour guarantees where ever you are. In addition if you are ordering from the EU you will have certain legal rights. See our terms and conditions.

Spark Ignitions and Petrol Conversions. 

Can I use this system on any engine?
More or less, yes. It is not designed for engines designed to transport people.

Is it a difficult job?
It does involve some basic engineering skill. The magnet needs to be mounted in the prop-driver and the hall-effect sensor needs to be mounted on to the crankcase.

Do I need to adjust the compression?
Yes you will need to either lower the compression of your engine slightly or retard the ignition slightly. Lowering the compression is by the addition of head shims – generally available as spares for the engine – we sell shims for all our ASP (also fit SC/Magnum) and our JEN engines here.

Can I use Glow fuel with spark ignition?
Yes you can. You will need to adjust the timing or compression accordingly.

Can I fit your ignition system as a replacement to my petrol engine?
As a rule yes. Our unit works with one magnet in the drive hub. If your engine has two magnets one would need to be removed first. You will need to measure the AF (across flats) measurement of your spark plug as the units are sold to fit specific plug sizes. (The plug caps are designed to fit tightly over the plug.)

Do I need to change the carburettor?
No, most of our customers find they can continue using the same carb. The adjustments are a bit finer for petrol but achievable. Walbro carbs are available for engines of 17cc 1.00CU upwards. Note they do need a pressure feed from the crankcase to operate the pump.

What Petrol Oil mix should I use?
We recommend 20 – 25 : 1. Use a good two stroke oil from your local garage or garden centre.

Will I lose power?
Yes you will lose a bit of power but you will gain fuel economy. Most modellers are happy with the trade.

What else will I need to do?
If you are converting an engine from glow fuel, you will need to change the fuel tubing and the bung from your tank.

Do I need a kill switch?
Petrol engines are designed to tick over with the carb fully closed. So it is a wise precaution to be able to stop the engine remotely.


My exhaust conflicts with the cowling what can I do?
Two-strokes: We sell exhaust extensions, these allow the exhaust to extend 8 or 12mm further from the engine and so clear the side of the model. Other options are an in-cowl exhaust or a manifold and pipe to clear outside. Four-strokes: We sell a range of knuckle manifolds, extensions and flexis that usually allow the exhaust to fit. If none of these work we can make custom exhausts and manifolds to suit most applications.

What is the difference between a Pitts muffler, an inverted or upright in cowl mufflers?
The Pitts is for side mounted engines, Inverted and upright also relate to how the engine is mounted.

Can I fit a tuned pipe to my engine?
Yes the tuned pipes we sell are for two strokes.

How much power will a tuned pipe add?
The correct tuned pipe set up properly can add as much as 25% power. (Our pipes come with detailed instruction.)

Can I fit a tuned pipe to my four-stroke?
There are some pipes that can add performance to a four stroke but generally no.

I have a boat and need a water-cooled manifold.
We can add a water jacket to a standard manifold or make a custom manifold to suit.

Model Fuel

An Engine is only as good as the fuel you put in it and the easiest way to damage it is to use the wrong fuel. Here are a few pointers that will help you make the right choice.

Firstly and most importantly read the engine instructions and be aware of the best fuel mixes recommended.

Glow fuel: (Nitro, Methanol and Oil Mix)
Make sure you know the oil and nitro content in the fuel you are using (or are being sold by your supplier).

As not all fuel makers put the contents of the fuel on the outside of the container see the tables below (and manufacturer’s web sites) for this information.

If you don’t know the oil and nitro content of the fuel – my advice is; find out – or don’t buy it!

In general most 2 strokes will be happy on 18-20% oil (preferably with at least 2% castor) and are timed for 5 – 10% nitro (eg O.S., Irvine, ASP etc..) – but always check the engine instructions.

In general most 4 strokes will be happy on 15-18% oil (preferably with at least 2% castor) and 5% nitro (eg O.S., ASP etc..) – but always check the engine instructions.

Yes – you may ‘get away’ with less oil than most manufacturers recommend – but if you have a couple of lean runs on a hot day – expect a repair bill. So always try to set engines ‘a couple of clicks rich’ on the ground.

It is cheaper to do a ‘de-coke’ than it is to do a repair!

Does Glow Fuel go bad?
Generally no however methanol can mix with water and this will affect the performance. If in doubt try some new fuel.

The following tables (correct as far as we know) are from the 2 most popular UK fuel suppliers (in alphabetical order).

Model Technics – http://www.modeltechnics.com/

Name Nitro % Castor % Synthetic % Methanol Paul’s Notes
Straight 20 80 FAI fuel and excellent for running in engines that need no nitro
GN or GX various 20 20% castor never hurt an engine – (particularly 2 strokes) re read notes above! (2 stroke mix)
Dynaglo various 2 8
Duraglo various 6 9 Excellent 4 stroke mix – but not really suitable for modern 2 strokes*
Supaglo various 4 16 Nice modern clean running 2 stroke mix
Ripmax various 15
Formula Irvine various 18 Nice modern clean 2 stroke mix, or high oil FS mix (14% klotz, 4% castor)
Goglo 15
Regular Four Stroke 10
Special Four Stroke 9 9 Good for modern FS engines – and (despite fuel name) for high oil 2 strokes eg Moki
Tigre Big Brute 4.5 6.5 For ST larger engines eg ST2000 and above
Laser Mix 2 15 Also good for most FS and some 2 strokes

* All major 2 stroke engine manufacturers no longer offer warranty for engines ran on Duraglo

Southern Modelcraft ‘Mo Glo’

Name Nitro % Castor % Synthetic % Methanol Paul’s Notes
2 Stroke various 20 FAI fuel and excellent for running in engines and engines that need 0-5% nitro
Synthetic various 2 15 One of the few fuels that can be used on most ringed 2 strokes* and 4 strokes
Synthetic Hi Lube various 20
Double Lube High various 9 9 Nice high oil 2 stroke (and 4 stroke mix) and useful for high oil 2 strokes eg