ASP 0.52 S
Introducing the latest ASP 'Series 3' - the .52 's' long(er) stroke engine.
Bore 22.4mm
Stroke 21.5mm
1.75HP @ 17,000
Weight inc. carb and 'Super Quiet' silencer (pictured) 500g

Thanks to the totally new bore and stroke, re-designed (and timed) liner and carb, performance is seriously impressive for less than £100.

To prove our point (and to get independent results) we asked local engine expert Mike Thompson (BMFA Area Examiner) to test the .52 'back to back' against the most popular .53 (in 2002) - the Irvine .53. His brief was simple; take these 2 new engines, run them in and test them using the same fuel, plug and APC prop(s) on the same day!! Can't get fairer than that!!

In the tests (using standard 17% oil, 5% nitro fuel), O.S. no8 plug and APC props, after 15minutes of 'running in' (on both engines) the following performance was recorded

Prop. ASP .52's' ASP Quiet Silencer ASP .52's' ASP 'Super Quiet' silencer Irvine .53 Irvine 'Super Quiet' silencer
11x6 12,200 12,300 12,250
12x6 10,500 10,800 10,700
13x6 9,550 9,800 9,700

and that's a lot of power for an engine in the same size casing as an O.S. 46FX !!