Two Stroke Exhaust Systems

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Standard, Quiet & Super Quiet Silencers & Silencer Extensions

Silencers (in cowl)

In Cowl & In Fuselage Silencers

Secondary Silencer

Just Engines' Secondary Silencer, designed to fit 'after' the primary silencer.

Tuned Pipes

Tuned Pipes, Mini Pipes, Genesis Pipes and many others including bundles with manifolds.

J'EN Heli Mini Pipes

One piece mini pipes, with baffle for most popular engines and helis - so long as the crankshaft is pointing vertically!!

Standard Manifolds

Standard Manifolds

J'EN Custom Manifolds

J'EN Custom Manifolds and a few examples .

Bisson Custom Mufflers (BCM) by Engine Mfg

Our range of Bisson Custom Mufflers organised by Engine Manufacturer.

Exhaust Accessories

Exhaust Accessories

Click here for Exhaust Accessories such as Deflectors, Extensions, Tubes, Clamps, and Joiners.

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