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OS Petrol

OS Petrol

OS have moved into the Petrol Market and as you would expect are giving you what you need. This growing range of petrol engines has all the quality you would expect from OS. The design is from the ground up rather than adapting old technology for a different use. Deep cooling fins are needed to carry away the extra heat generated by petrol. OS use their casting expertise to
make them thin enough to efficiently cool with out adding more weight.

If you haven't already tried a petrol engine now you can buy with confidence.

OS GGT 10 Petrol 2 stroke

A perfect replacement for the smaller glow engine the same mounting size as the 40 - 50 OS and OS copy engines

OS GGT 15 Petrol 2 stroke

The idea replacement for your 60 - 91 glow engine with the same sized case and mountings.

GT22 with wrap around exhaust

The GT-22 is conveniently sized engine will do the job of a .91 2 stroke or 1.20 4 stroke glow engine.

OS GF30  Four Stroke Petrol Engine

The GF30 is second four stroke petrol from OS and will be the first choice for models designed for 120-150 glow engines or 20cc two stroke petrol engines.

GT33 with wrap around exhaust

GT-33 is in a class of its own.Like the GT22 it has the rear mounted Walbro carb with reed valve induction and almost bullet proof CDI ignition. It has the muscle to swing larger props, and it stands out for many other reasons, too. The GT-33 runs more quietly than comparable engines while exceeding their output.

OS GF40 Four Stroke Petrol Engine

This the first four stroke Petrol from OS engines. It dose exactly as it says, you get the benefits of a petrol; economy, reliable tick over and cleanliness in a four stroke.


The new GT60 is the largest in the range of O.S. Petrol Engines and perfect for 50 size instalations. It features liner-less cylinder this contributes to better cooling and lighter weight. It employs the reed valve/rear carburetor system which has high performance. A great power source for big scale and aerobatic models.

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