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NGH Petrol

NGH Engines are gaining a well deserved reputation for performance and value. Now with quieter silencers as standard. The ongoing development from NGH and the service and warranty from Just Engines make them a secure option going forward. Spares now in stock and on-line here.

Now permanently lower prices on NGH Petrol Engines from Just Engines!

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Pepper Pot Exhausts

GT17, 25 and 35 now with JEN pepper pot outlets in the exhausts as standard, save on noise, gain on power.

New NGH GF Four Stroke Engines

NGH continue to innovate with the GF38 their first petrol four stroke engine and now the all new 30cc fourstroke the GF30.

You will get all the benefits and sound of a four stroke with the economy of petrol plus striking looks guaranteed to turn heads. All this with back up and support from Just Engines.
New NGH GF Engines
NGH GT9  Pro Two Stroke Petrol Engine

The new NGH GT9 pro is here. We have tested it and are very pleased. The all new one piece carb really has over come the problems normally associated with very small petrol engines. The conrod is now machined from solid phosphor bronze like the GT17.

NGH GT17 Two Stroke Petrol Engine

This long awaited engine answers many questions facing modellers choosing a small petrol engine. It's traditional mounting and front mounted carb mean it will just swap out with your existing glow engine. It has bags of power and excellent reliability. All this with the peace of mind of the Just Engines warranty, service and spares support.

NGH GT25 Two Stroke Petrol Engine

Following the success of the 17cc we are proud to bring you the 25cc version. It shares all the features of the 17, but with a little more capacity.

NGH GT35  Two Stroke Petrol Engine

The third engine in the series; The 35cc comes with all the features of the 17 and 25 with the added benefit of an optional (supplied) radial mount and stand offs. The exhaust too is upgraded with two outlets (reversible for inverted use) and baffled for a quieter flight.

NGH GF30 Four Stroke Petrol Engine

Following the success of the GF38 NGH have launched an all new 30cc fourstroke. That little bit smaller it is a perfect replacement for a 1.20 - 1.50 FS glow. Complete with a Walbro pumped carb and Rcexl ignition it is designed for petrol. It also comes with a factory built muffler system.

NGH GF38 Four Stroke Petrol Engine

NGH continue to innovate with this first production gas 4 stroke engine, you will get all the benefits and sound of a 4 stroke but with the economy of petrol. This engine has been designed from scratch and features a Walbro carb, RcXEL ignition, twin roller CNC conrod, twin ringed piston for better compression. With its striking looks it is guaranteed to turn heads on any flying field.

NGH Wrap Around Exhaust

This purpose built wrap around exhaust, perfect for the inverted in cowl mounted engine. It features all aluminium construction, matt black finish and internal baffled outlets to reduce noise. (Engine not included!)

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