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O.S. (Japan)

O.S. (Japan)

O.S. continues to be a market leader in the model engine world.

We have excellent spares support in this country and receive weekly spares shipments. What else can we say? It’s an OS!!

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FS Alpha-56 II

Newly updated version of the popular 56a.

FS-30 Surpass

Sorry this engine has been discontinued


The second engine in the new 'V' series of O.S. four strokes is targeted at both sports and scale modellers alike. By sharing the same mounting bolt pattern as the FS-52 Surpass and FSa-56, mounting the FS-62V as a direct replacement is easy and convenient.

FSa-72 II

The new upgraded version of the popular 72a it has the improved breather system and black rocker cover.

FS-91 Surpass II

Sorry this item has been discontinued


The first in a completely new series of four stroke engines. With its deliberately 'retro' styling reminiscent of the very first OS four strokes. The original FS-120 had twin rocker covers and so do many full size engines in older aircraft. But 'retro' styling does not mean 'retro' technology! The FS-95V is a sophisticated engine, delivering strong power and torque and offers a cost effective alternative to the FSa-81.


Designed specifically to offer more power and torque compared to a .91 size four stroke, yet still fit in the same mounting dimensions, the FSa-110 is a real compact powerhouse.

FS-120 Surpass-E

This is the economy suction fed version of the FS-120S engine without a fuel pump or pressure regulated carb. It is one of the largest cylinder four strokes in the O.S range. Features a simple yet highly effective twin-needle carburettor which delivers a constant low idle speed; smooth progressive transition and power consistency.


This is the largest engine in the flagship 'Alpha' series. The pumped fuel system deals with the demands of aerobatic fliers who demand consistent power in any attitude and is tolerant to variations in fuel tank location. With mounting dimensions identical to 1.20 class engines, fitting the FSa-155-P as a power upgrade is pretty simple.

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