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Custom Exhausts

Custom Exhausts

If you can not find the perfect exhaust from our extensive range of 'off the shelf options' then don't worry, we can build one for you. If you have a large petrol engine powered model that has been banned from your site, we have the expertise to reduce the noise levels without reducing the power. In short, whatever your silencing dilemma we will do our best to come up with the ideal solution.

Img048.pdf and img049.pdf show which dimensions our engineers need to manufacture your custom exhaust. You can either use them as a guide or download, print and return it to us completed.

Custom Exhaust  

Price: 10.20 (Including VAT at 20%)


If you wish to purchase a Custom Exhaust from Just Engines please add this product to your basket, checkout, and then send us a sketch with dimensions (by email (jpg), fax or post). 10 to 15 days later you will receive a custom built exhaust specially made for your project.

Please supply a daytime phone number on which an engineer can contact you to discuss your exhaust and agree a price before manufacture.

Please note that the £10 charge is just a place holder, when you checkout the total cost will be incorrect and postage cost maybe incorrect, but we will modify this before charging your card.

Daytime Phone Number:

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Custom Exhaust Examples

Petrol Engine Custom Quiet Silencer
We can vary the design to suit your installation.
DA50 2 piece unit. This has a baffle in the silencer 'can' and outlet.
We can fit baffle plates and baffle outlets to minimise noise
Two PieceTwo Piece
Two piece systems are an ideal way to get the noise down without killing all the power
A baffled inline silencer for 26cc petrol engine
Custom-built silencer for a  Fieseler Storch

Custom-built silencer for a
Fieseler Storch

Earlier on this year you manufactured a custom-built silencer for a Fieseler Storch that I have been building over the winter months. I meant to express my gratitude at the time for the outstanding and very fast service that you provided, not to mention the perfectly constructed silencer that is absolutely ideal for the aircraft. Time has now passed on and, with the aircraft now nearing completion, I thought that I would offer you a belated thank you along with a few photographs of your product in its final installation. Chris

Custom-built silencer for a Yak 54 (70" span) with an SPE
26 petrol

Just a short note to say that at long last I have flown my Peak models Yak 54 (70" span) with an SPE 26 petrol. Geoff made me a custom silencer for it, and wow, the difference in the noise output is astounding. Other club members have commented on how quiet it is now and that they are also considering the same combination and will be getting in touch for a silencer. We have not checked the engine with a meter yet but the fact that we can talk without shouting when it is being run at full power must mean it's in the high 70's dBa. i will let you know in due course. Thanks once again for your teams efforts.

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