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J'EN Custom Manifolds

J'EN Custom Manifolds

If the manifold you need to complete your installation is not available off the shelf then we can make one for you.

From simple gas flowed 90 degrees manifolds in 19mm or 22mm tube to complex swan neck manifolds with built in side and down thrust, we have the manufacturing expertise.

We understand that it can be difficult to know exactly what dimensions our engineers need to manufacture a manifold so we have created some pdf files for you to use. You can either use them as guides or download them, print them and return them to us completed.

For Swan Neck manifolds - to convert side exhaust to rear exhaust, use - swan1.pdf and swan2.pdf

For Rear exhaust manifolds use - rear1.pdf

For 90 degrees manifolds 'cranked' (as per example below) use - 90bend.pdf

Please take a look at the other examples below and our Customer feedback.

J'EN Custom Manifold  

Price: 10.20 (Including VAT at 20%)


If you wish to purchase a Custom Manifold from Just Engines please add this product to your basket, checkout, and then send us a sketch with dimensions (by email (jpg), fax or post). 10 to 15 days later you will receive a custom built manifold specially made for your project.

Please supply a daytime phone number on which an engineer can contact you to discuss your exhaust and agree a price before manufacture.

Please note that the £10 charge is just a place holder, when you checkout the total cost will be incorrect and postage cost maybe incorrect, but we will modify this before charging your card.

Daytime Phone Number:

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Custom Manifold Examples

Swan Neck 1Swan Neck 1

'Swan neck' (side to rear) manifold

For an upright mounted engine in a delta

(Paul Brundrett's Rapier)
Swan Neck 2

Fred Cooper's 'Swan Neck' setup
Swan Neck 2
Down Under 1Down Under 1

Richard Norris' Moki + manifold, connects to a quiet silencer inside the cowl and airframe.

90º but 'clever' so that the outlet goes into the centre of crankshaft (so pipe or silencer stays central in (or outside) of the model - making balancing easy!

On this example, the engine's side thrust was also built into the flange - that's why I call it 'clever'!
Down Under 2

90 degree, side thrust and down thrust, centring pipe in mid fuselage

Laurence Peake's Mistaken Identity
Down Under 2

Custom manifolds (and silencers) for double engine setup.

Water Cooled

New for 2006; water cooled manifolds for marine use (also with 'tilt' - in degrees)
Water Cooled


If we've made you a manifold - please email us a picture of your installation.

Please ring, fax or email for more information or pricing, or if you can't see what you need.
Tel: 01747 835817, Fax: , Email: support@justengines.co.uk

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