A.S.P. 'Series 3' Four Strokes

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C. Gittins

While I`m on I would just like to say that with this order that makes six ASP series 3 engines now in the hanger (2 120 f/s, 2 52/fs, 30 f/s and a 52 2stroke) all are excellent and totally reliable. The 120 especially which powers a Flair Edge 540 turning a 14 x 10 prop, starts first flick and has never missed a beat. I am now a convert from O.S.!

Peter Brandon

My ASP Four stroke is great. Ran superbly from first start. It does what you say they do - and has done everything I've asked it to do!.

Alasdair MacLeod

I'm now in love with 4 strokes. My ASP started very easily - burbled away - and now throttles like a dream.

Martin Bender (U.S.A.) - ASP 0.30

Paul, my 'chinese 4 strokes' are running great - latest project a hobbico twin star with a pair of .30s. Just got the other 30 in my thunder tiger lazy tiger cub (Zinger 9x5 @ 9600 - wow!). These engines besides being a lot less money than the saito 30 and os 26 4 strokes have a tn carb which is I think much easier to set up than the air bleed on the little saitos. My 52 went into a thunder tiger tiger sport 40 low wing where it replaced a thunder tiger 46 2 stroke that was in it - transitions better and has eliminated the dead stick landings. These 4 strokes have never quit in flight (except when out of fuel!). You folks have made this hobby much more affordable when running 4 strokes. Thanks for your great service and prices.

W.B. Sloan - ASP 0.52

My ASP52FS started first time, has loads of power and smooth operation. I'm looking for an excuse to buy another!!

Alex Calderhead - ASP 0.52

Many thanks for the quick service sending me the 52FS. I have only ever bought O.S. and Saito four strokes but the finish and quality of the ASP surprised me. I am impressed with its starting and handling. One very satisfied customer.

P Elmer - ASP 0.52

This .52FS is a 'cracking little engine'. Very pleased.

Alan Cunningham - ASP 0.52

Alan Cunningham - ASP 0.52

What a super little engine my .52FS is. I'm really pleased with it.

D Fentiman - ASP 0.52

There are so many of these wonderful little engines in my club, I've got to have one - please send me a .52FS

Paul Millard - ASP 0.61

Just Fitted the .61FS to my Kyosho 109 - saving heaps of weight. Vertical performance is way above expectation. Thanks for the recommendation.

David Martin - ASP 0.61

Please send one ASP 61FS engine (my third one - and now to be standard for all my models - beats my top japanese 52 hands down!).

Ally Young - ASP 0.61

I bought an ASP 61 FS recently and I just want to let you know how good it is! It literally has started first flick every time once primed via. choking the exhaust. Plenty of power and very quiet in my World Models Mustang, Brilliant!

Simon Cragg - ASP 0.61

Just few lines on how good the .61FS has turned out to be..... Very carefully ran it in as per your instructions. During the whole running in period it did not falter once and only needed minor alterations to the settings. Run in on Flair Yellow/gold. Once installed in the model Ripmax Citabria and swinging a 13x6 Master, it worked perfectly. Great throttle response, no backfiring, nice slow tickover and sensitive but not over sensitive needles. Quiet in the air, shed loads of power and at least as good as the japanese 4 stroke I had from you a long time ago. Much better than the SC/ASP of old!! These really do seem to be what the average club member is looking for and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Trevor Grace - ASP 0.61

Trevor Grace - ASP 0.61

The ASP 61 FS I bought from you is just what my Extreme Lite needed , it starts easy and runs very well . The plane will go vertical from a very short run and keep going ! I am using Southern Modelcraft synthetic base fuel which is 15% synth with 2% castor and a nitro content of 10% . I have fitted an APC 13 x 4 and get a static rpm of 10500 with an idle of 2500.

David Orrells - ASP 0.61

I bought your ASP 61FS at Sandown. The engine started very first flick and I am very impressed with it.

D Tregaskes - ASP 0.61

Please send ANOTHER .61 FS - they're excellent

R Groves - ASP 0.65

I have had a 65FS for years. Used and abused - I cannot fault it!

D Cossins - ASP 0.65 & 0.91

My 65FS and 91FS are excellent - please send me another .65

Mike Hill (Watford U.K.) - ASP 0.80

My ASP 80FS never misses a beat. It's been super since it's first flick!!

Walter Wood - ASP 0.80

I've had an ASP .80FS for years and years. Dead solid, dead reliable...... Marvellous.

Malc Pinnock (RCM&E engine reviewer) - ASP 0.91

Malc Pinnock (RCM&E engine reviewer) - ASP 0.91

I just can't believe how good this ASP .91FS is - and at almost 1/2 O.S. price. It just gets better and better.

Graham Ashby (RCM&E Editor) - ASP 0.91

Malc's so pleased with his .91FS - I've got to have one.

DJ Evans - ASP 0.91

I am so pleased with my first 91FS - pls send me another.

M Basson - ASP 0.91

I was really surprised how good my .91 FS is, considering the price. Thanks for a great product at very reasonable cost

M Willbourn - ASP 0.91

Just a note to say how pleased I was with my recent purchase. I bought an ASP 91 FS which I followed the break in instructions and am very impressed. Being my first four stroke I am wondering why I need to pay bigger bucks, I can't imagine much better performance £ for £.

Brian Cooper - ASP 1.20

Brian Cooper - ASP 1.20

Just a quick note to expound my admiration of the ASP 120 F/S. It is a superbly smooth engine, which is easy to (hand) start, is extremely reliable and has brilliant throttling response. It turns a 15x8 APC with great enthusiasm and will easily take my 9 lb. Ultimate biplane vertical. Simply wonderful.

Phil Reeves - ASP 1.20

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the 1.20 I bought at Sandown.

Ewen Bruce - ASP 1.20

I'm so pleased with my 1.20FS, I've decided to buy another ASP.

Mark Coles - ASP 1.20

Mark Coles - ASP 1.20

Thought I'd drop you a note to attach a photo of the airplane my lovely new ASP1.20 is fitted in. Absolutely no problems, I have used Contest 10 Model Technics fuel and 15x8 prop.

S.J.Sales - ASP 1.20

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with my A.S.P. 120 4st. I have yet to fit it to my Spitfire but I have bench run it several times and found out how reliable it is. It started first time from the box and has started every time since in the same way!!! Your service is second to none and I will recommend you to anyone who asks.

D Goule - ASP 1.20

This ASP 1.20 is one of the best 4 strokes I've ever owned.

Simon Wright - ASP 1.20

Simon Wright - ASP 1.20

Purchased a 120f/s from you last year (one of the shows....) runs GREAT.. drags me big old Stampe round the sky better than the E*** ever did, starts first flip, throttles great, ticks over like a sowing machine. Peter Baggott
My ASP 120FS pulls a16x8 superbly. My 66" span Roscoe Turner cruises at half throttle!. Engine idles and throttles brilliantly.

Pete Wills - ASP 1.20

Pete Wills - ASP 1.20

I have a 1.20fs in a Flair Spitfire and it has never missed a beat in nearly 300 flights. It turns a 15x8 prop at 8600 (which is identical to a mate's engine twice the price!). I am very impressed.

Vince Hutt - ASP 1.20

Vince Hutt - ASP 1.20

I'm so pleased with my first APS120FS - here's my order for the 2nd.

Vince Hutt ASP 1.60

Just a note to say how pleased I am with the 1.60 FS (twin) - it ran without a hitch. It is in a Flair Christian Eagle which flies great with this engine.. This is not the 1st ASP engine I have bought from you - all have been excellent.

C. Walsh - ASP 1.80

A few weeks ago I ordered an ASP-FS-180 and some other stuff. It was very impressive how quickly you got the engine to me and the other bits, such as props and smoke system, manifold etc. One point about the engine, I followed your instructions exactly, and it works perfectly! It is in a Great Planes Super Stearman, and flys it beautifully, with great sound. The engine is rich and is spinning a Menz 18-6 at 8000. Not bad for an engine withonly 1.5 hour running time. Actually the engine hand-starts very easily, even from its first ever run.

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