A.S.P. 'Series 3' Two Strokes

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Mike - ASP 46 Marine

The engine arrived Saturday I fitted it same day and it won [a race] on Sunday. The performance was brilliant from out of the box very impressed. Would recommend to anyone.

Phil Reeves

Paul, just a quick note to say that all of the engines I have had from you recently are performing above expectations, one ASP 61 FS is in my Irvine Wild Card with an APC 13 x 6 and hovers at around half throttle, the second is in an old Aerotech Valiant (like Harvard) with a Master 13 x 6 much better than when flown with an XX 52 FS. My recent purchase of two more ASP 2 strokes (46S & 52S) was as a result of the first ASP 46S that now takes my Laser Arrow vertically from launch, fitted with a Kyosho 11 x 7 prop it is extremely powerful and quiet with the super quiet silencer. The new 46 will be fitted to an Aerotech Wayfarer Bipe and the 52 is waiting for a Flair Lark. I have praised these engines and your service to all I meet and I know that many have purchased from you and will do so in the future. I will be sending some pics as soon as the brain remembers to take the camera !!!!!!!.

Pete (USA) - ASP 0.12

ASP.12; 17000 with MA 7x4 - very easy starting and instant throttle and a super duper idle. What a sweetie. Wonderful

Colin Brooks - ASP 0.36

I would just like to say how pleased I am with my ASP36S. I just wanted a bit more power than an OS25LA at a reasonable price and was prepared for MDS like tantrums. Boy, was I surprised. After an hour of running in as per instructions the ASP starts easily and behaves much better than I would have expected. And then there is the power, neither I nor my mates at the club were prepared for it - the (25-32 size) plane will now climb vertically until you stop it and long takeoffs have been reduced to a leap into the air. Some claim that the ASP is just a rebadged SC but from my limited experience it appears to be a much superior product. With a 9x6 APC prop and the quiet silencer it clocks 81.5db in the plane measured as per BMFA recommendations which is just as well as we are not allowed to fly anything over 82db.

Ian Rainford ASP 0.40 S

Just a quick note to say how very (no er.... ) unbelievably impressed with the ASP 40s you supplied together with a tuned purple pipe (of which is a great match to the Weston Cougar 2000 artwork). I fitted them to a Weston Cougar 2000, In short, the power was outstanding, the starting was outrageously easy (2 quick flicks by hand), setting up was effortless, the idle was so reliable and trustworthy, the throttle transition from idle to full power was (after only 1/4 turn of bottom end) was flawless, the throttle response I could hardly believe. Oh... and it sounds great... The guys a the club love it. I just had to let you guys know. WELL DONE ! and thanks for such a fantastic product.

Steve Barker - ASP 0.46 S

Steve Barker - ASP 0.46 S

I bought an ASP 46'S' from you and am just writing to say how good it is - quiet and easy to start

I'm building a Magnum kit - please send me another ASP 46'S' S

S.Ellis - ASP 0.46 S

My ASP46 'S' is VERY impressive in my demon model - wow it's quick!

John Maddick - ASP 0.46 S

John Maddick - ASP 0.46 S

I have just bought an ASP 46's' and put it in a Black Horse Speed Air 40 - it certainly does the model justice - fantastic!! - and real value for money .

Martin (Splash 1) Seaman - ASP 0.46 S

Martin (Splash 1) Seaman - ASP 0.46 S

Thanks for such a great service, as for the ASP 46S what a great engine. Starts easy every time (no fiddling about). I fitted my first one to my Spad Dagger, it pulled the 5lb 9oz plane vertical with such ease that the guys at the field were shocked to find it was only a 46. I've since bought another for my-self and one for a friend as-well as a 36... What more can I say!!! Thanks ...

Kevin Bayliss - ASP 0.46

Kevin Bayliss - ASP 0.46

The ASP 46 is a perfect partner for my Tia Ji 40. Both perform really well.

Martyn Hotchkiss - ASP 0.46 S

The ASP .46 's' that I bought before Christmas is brilliant - It runs perfectly and has never missed a beat. Pick up from slow idle is steady (typical 2-stroke) and always reliable (not typical 2-stroke!). Power is excellent - it hauls a 63" span trainer straight off the ground and into a steep climb. All the other club members have been curious to find out what I've got on the front of the plane that is driving the fan!

Trevor Johnson - ASP 0.46

I recently purchased from you a ASP46 engine, various sundry items and a 9x7 three blade prop to fit into a newly built ARC Ready 2 trainer.
This is just to let you know how pleased we are with the engine. It has flown around 20 flights now and does everything that an engine should, starts easy with a quick flip, will idle all day if one wanted it to, has excellent throttle response & plenty of power. It is also quiet, reliable and economical.
I would not hesitate to purchase another ASP engine in the future.

L. Hopkins - ASP 0.52

My ASP .52 'goes like stink' for a budget engine!! It's reliable and tractable, throttles well and pulls an Acro Wot around the sky as if it is a fun fly. Would I recommend it? - you bet!!

D Flack - ASP 0.52 S

I would just like to say what a brilliant engine the a.s.p. 52 s is, it started almost instantly when I got it and ran fine. When I fly, the first start of the day is instant and every other start that day it fires instantly with no priming required. I have it fitted to my trainer which originally had an O.S. 40 LA and it had a job getting off the ground with that engine, but with this new engine it takes about 20-30 feet and it pulls into a 60 degree climb and still gains speed during the climb. Thanks very much for this excellent engine.

Vic Powles - ASP 0.52 S

I cant think of a better engine for the money (52s)

Comments from one of our Italian customers Enrico L - ASP 0.52

Ho comprato un ASP 52 4T, motore consigliato da un pilota esperto, dal quale mi stato segnalato il anche il sito justengines. Questo motore il mio primo 4T, mi sembra molto buono considerando anche il rapporto qualit?/prezzo. Ho seguito attentamente le istruzioni di rodaggio fornite da justengines e consiglio a tutti di seguirle scrupolosamente.
Mi sono trovato molto bene ad acquistare su justengines, le persone sono molto competenti, serie e disponibili. La spedizione rapida, il pacco infatti l'ho ricevuto per posta aerea dopo pochi giorni..

D.Royle - ASP 0.61

My .61 starts, runs, throttle and never cuts. One of the best engines I've had.

A. Wainwright - ASP 0.75

I am now an avid ASP fan after that .75 you sent me......... it's superb!!!

A. Renaud - ASP 0.91 S

My ASP 91's' swings the same prop at the same rpm as my OS 91fx does!! - and at about 1/2 the price!! Superb.

P. Boghurst - ASP 0.91 S

My ASP .91's' started 1st flick from the box. Impressive. I m really pleased with it.

P. Pagdin - ASP 0.36 Ringed Heli

The ASP 36 ringed heli engine is excellent for 'club use'

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