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On/Off Switch

On/Off Switch


Smoke Valve with servo controlled on/off switch.
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GT33 with wrap around exhaust

GT33 with wrap around exhaust


GT-33 is in a class of its own.Like the GT22 it has the rear mounted Walbro carb with reed valve ...
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One Way Valve

One Way Valve


One way valve which is suitable for glow; diesel or petrol. !!<Glow OnlyPetrol Only Suitable for Glow ...
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The first in a completely new series of four stroke engines. With its deliberately 'retro' styling reminiscent of the very first OS four strokes. The original ...
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Two Stroke Engines

Two Stroke Engines from J'EN, Irvine, Moki, ASP, Leo, OS and others.

Four Stroke Engines

Four Stroke Engines from ASP, OS and others.

Petrol Engines

Petrol Engines from Fuji, Moki and others.

Engine Spares

Spare parts for many of our Two and Four stroke engines

Ignition Systems

We are delighted to present these simple to use, CDI Ignition Systems

Heli Engines

Heli engines from ASP, Irvine, OS and others.

Marine Engines

Marine Engines from ASP, Leo and others.

Engine Reviews & Comments

External reviews and Customer comments & pictures for lots of our engines

Two Stroke Exhaust Systems

Huge range of two stroke manifolds, silencers, pipes, mini pipes, heli pipes and many others.

Four Stroke Exhaust Systems

Huge range of four stroke manifolds, silencers and many others.

Exhaust Reviews & Comments

External reviews and Customer comments & pictures for lots of our exhaust systems


A carefully selected range of tools to help you service and care for your engines.


Our range of Venturi's, Spinners, Props, Carbs, Glow plugs & Glow systems and many others.

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