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On/Off Switch

On/Off Switch


Smoke Valve with servo controlled on/off switch.
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GT33 with wrap around exhaust

GT33 with wrap around exhaust


GT-33 is in a class of its own.Like the GT22 it has the rear mounted Walbro carb with reed valve ...
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One Way Valve

One Way Valve


One way valve which is suitable for glow; diesel or petrol. !!<Glow OnlyPetrol Only Suitable for Glow ...
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X-OS25830010 OS Engine Crankshaft Bearing(R)50H/55AX/55HZ


OS Engine Crankshaft Bearing(R)50H/55AX/55HZ
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X-OS26730005 OS Engine Crankshaft Bearing (R) 40/46SF/FX/46AX/GGT10


OS Engine Crankshaft Bearing (R) 40/46SF/FX/46AX/GGT10
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X-OS25781110 OS Engine 55AX-BE - Carburettor Body (40J-B E)


!!<Sorry currently out of stock>!!
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X-OS24681210 OS Engine Carburettor Rotor (40K)


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X-OS24681110 OS Engine Carburettor Body (40K)


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X-OS24625211 OS 46AXII/46/ GGT10 - E-3071 Silencer


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X-OS24681010 OS Engine Carburettor Complete (40K)


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X-OS24614010 OS Engine Head Gasket 46AX


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X-OS24608020 OS Engine Drive Washer 46AXII


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The UK (and UK Business Selection) A-M

The UK (and UK Business Selection)R/C...C/L...Address
Amman Valley Radio Control Club Y
Banbury Model Club Y
Balbedie Aeromodelling ClubY
Balsa Cabin - Balsa and kitsY
Barton Model CLub - C/L Forum
Bedford (Twinwoods MAC) Y
Bracknell A.D.M.A.C.Y
Brighton RFCY
British Model Powerboat Racing Society Y
Bromsgrove MFCY
Bumpy Green!! - the new UK web site / forumY
C.L.A.P.A. - C/L Aerobatic stuff
Carbon Copy (Fibregalss and Carbon Parts)Y
D.B Sport and Scale (kits)Y
Clear Signs cut and printed signs and decals (kits)
Deluxe Materials -the glue people (lots of useful info.)
Eastbourne Model Power Boat clubY
Epsom Downs (John Privett)Y
Flying Sites Forum
Foam Wings UK
foam wings at realistic prices
L.M.A. (Large Model Association)Y
Livingston M.A.C.Y
Learning C/L (Tony Smith)
MacGregor Industries (JR, Saito, APC...)Y
Mawcraft - models built to orderY
Micron Radio Control + kits +...
Milton Keynes (Helis)Y
Model Technics - the fuel and glowplug

The UK (and UK Business Selection) N-Z

The UK (and UK Business Selection)R/C...C/L...Address
Nene Valley AeromodellersY
Overlander BatteriesY
Paul Heckles Flying SchoolY
Permagrit - for those interesting model building
Planenutz - Quality ARTF Planes direct from the manufacturer
Plymouth RCFC Y
Plymouth RCFC (Dean) Y
Radio Control Models & Electronics (Mag.)Y
Radio Control Models & equipment (we buy and sell)Y
RC Planes (Used planes and helis - buy/sell) by PhillY
RC World (glue, nuts, bolts......)
Ripmax OS importers and model wholesalers.Y
Runcorn M.A.Y
Tyldesley Model Flying Club (the Record setters!!)Y
U.K. Carrier
West Cumbria R.C.Y
Wimborne M.A.C. (Andy)Y
Wireless Video (Airborne Video)
Wirral RCFS (Billy)Y
Worcester MACY


Bill Calkins' Control Line pages (USA)
Bisson Cutson Mufflers the home of quality incowl exhausts (sold by us)
Chester County RC (USA)Y
TheC/L Pages and Message Board (Iskandar).
Keleo Creations Scale exhausts
Pedro's (Portugese) pylon racing pages..Y
Pilots (Super Lite) R/C pilots and wheel
R C Specialties home of the turbo header (sold by us)
Skymaster (Kamloops BC)Y
Toine Martens' pages (Models, Jets + other links)Y


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