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On/Off Switch

On/Off Switch


Smoke Valve with servo controlled on/off switch.
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GT33 with wrap around exhaust

GT33 with wrap around exhaust


GT-33 is in a class of its own.Like the GT22 it has the rear mounted Walbro carb with reed valve ...
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One Way Valve

One Way Valve


One way valve which is suitable for glow; diesel or petrol. !!<Glow OnlyPetrol Only Suitable for Glow ...
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X-OS25830010 OS Engine Crankshaft Bearing(R)50H/55AX/55HZ


OS Engine Crankshaft Bearing(R)50H/55AX/55HZ
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X-OS26730005 OS Engine Crankshaft Bearing (R) 40/46SF/FX/46AX/GGT10


OS Engine Crankshaft Bearing (R) 40/46SF/FX/46AX/GGT10
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X-OS25781110 OS Engine 55AX-BE - Carburettor Body (40J-B E)


!!<Sorry currently out of stock>!!
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X-OS24681210 OS Engine Carburettor Rotor (40K)


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X-OS24681110 OS Engine Carburettor Body (40K)


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X-OS24625211 OS 46AXII/46/ GGT10 - E-3071 Silencer


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X-OS24681010 OS Engine Carburettor Complete (40K)


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X-OS24614010 OS Engine Head Gasket 46AX


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X-OS24608020 OS Engine Drive Washer 46AXII


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Just Engines Exhaust Info

My exhaust conflicts with the cowling what can I do?
Two-strokes: We sell exhaust extensions, these allow the exhaust to extend 8 or 12mm further from the engine and so clear the side of the model. Other options are an in-cowl exhaust or a manifold and pipe to clear outside. Four-strokes: We sell a range of knuckle manifolds, extensions and flexis that usually allow the exhaust to fit. If none of these work we can make custom exhausts and manifolds to suit most applications.
What is the difference between a Pitts muffler, an inverted or upright in cowl mufflers?
The Pitts is for side mounted engines, Inverted and upright also relate to how the engine is mounted.
Can I fit a tuned pipe to my engine?
Yes the tuned pipes we sell are for two strokes.
How much power will a tuned pipe add?
The correct tuned pipe set up properly can add as much as 25% power. (Our pipes come with detailed instruction.)
Can I fit a tuned pipe to my four-stroke?
There are some pipes that can add performance to a four stroke but generally no.
I have a boat and need a water-cooled manifold.
We can add a water jacket to a standard manifold or make a custom manifold to suit.


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